Photos and Numbers

Friday night my girlfriend Deena came down from Phoenix, and I got all dressed up for girls night out. It has been awhile since I have had J take a photo of me to share here or on FB, so here you go. The dress was size XL and made of stretchy material. I am wearing one pair of Spanx underneath for a smoother silhouette since I have lots of loose skin, particularly in my abdomen. Everything you see is real, and the photos were taken with my cell phone.



As a reminder…..this is me pre-surgery at almost 300 pounds:




And from the front:





And here I am Friday weighing 208 lbs:










And no….I did not trip and fall while wearing those shoes   🙂



14 thoughts on “Photos and Numbers

    • Thank you for the lovely complement, Jen. As for the heels, I have been practicing by doing my housework in them. The practice breaks the shoes in as well as helps me find my new center of gravity.

    • Thank you, Dede! The shoes are indeed high; they are a 6 inch heel with a 2 inch platform by the toe. Thank God the ankle straps were tight so my foot had some support. They were so cute though that I also bought them in turquoise and black last year when ShoeDazzle had them on sale.

    • Thank you, Shannon 🙂 After doing my hair and makeup I felt pretty that night. Most of the time I am in mom clothes with mom hair; it felt awesome to get all dressed up for dinner and shopping with my girlfriend.

  1. You go girl !!! I know even with surgery your weight loss is not an easy task.
    Just wanted to let your know that I am out here on the interwebs cheering you on.

    • Thank you, Sher, and hugs to you too. The surgery has by no means been a cure-all because I have had to address my psychological issues with food and why I eat the way do (or used to). I was an emotional eater, and like Father Snort I also ate out of boredom. Now having a smaller tummy I have to be very cognizant of my eating because I can only hold so much and will get sick easily. As time has gone on things have gotten easier, but when I’m having a really sucky day I’ll catch myself opening the pantry door then tell myself, “NO!!! If you absolutely have to eat you eat a little handful of almonds or a piece of cheese since you need protein.” I appreciate your cheering me on from afar; it means a lot to me.

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