The Haircut From Hell

I think I’ve been given the salon version of a bitch-slap. I kept commenting on another stylist’s awesome color and asking how she did it (I want her color now but it will have to be done slowly over several months so as to not fry my hair), and the stylist who was cutting my hair was apparently pissed that I wasn’t engaging her in conversation about the awesomeness of her permed bangs and 80s feathering. I got home with really short hair that barely wraps around my round brush and the back looks like it was cut by a lawn mower.

Life Lesson #669:  Bullshit with your own stylist about her awesome hair…even if it is a blatant lie.

How bad is it? Brace yourselves. I look like a red-headed MckMama except 80 pounds lighter.

I’m currently working on covering all of the mirrors in the house and in the future will only let the chick with the really awesome colored hair give me haircuts.


9 thoughts on “The Haircut From Hell

  1. Oy, been there, done that, but it had nothing to do with another hairstylist. Some people are in the wrong profession. I always try pulling on my hair, hoping it will grow faster!

    • I don’t see how “take an inch off, please” turned into a (barely) chin-length do with short layers all over. Perhaps she is pro-MckMama and knew that I was Snort. LOL. Just kidding.

  2. I have been there before. I only let ONE person touch my hair. It is so much better that way because then she/he can learn your hair and know your wants specifically. I hope it grows fast.

    • P.S. It doesn’t help if you flatter the one with bad hair either… I tried that with my kitty cat sweatshirt scrunchy wearing stylist once and she took me seriously and gave me a haircut similar to hers. Right before my sister’s wedding. It was a low blow.

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