Want to be a Food Pen Pal?

Today on FB I was complaining to a group of friends that I needed one of them to send me box of snacks and other products that we can’t get out here, and as a return I would send a box filled with Southern Arizona/Mexican goodies. Priority Mail. One rate. Delivered in 2-3 days. I was instantly hooked up with an old high school friend willing to help a gal out. She asked for a few specific things but left the rest up to me. I told her what I wanted in my box. And a grand idea has been formed. Would anybody like to become “food pals” with one or multiple who live in a different area of our country? We all know different things. We all know what is normal is Manchester, GA is going to be looked at oddly in Seattle, WA. Lutefisk probably will be looked upon oddly in NYC. It goes without saying that you cannot mail anything illegal or immediately perishable like cheese, but most snacks, canned goods, canned drinks, candies, etc are cool. If you’re interested send me an email to thesnortfiles@gmail.com  with your name, where you live, and if you are hoping to try foods from a specific region. If you don’t care where your box comes from just say so. A flat rate large size box from the USPS ships for $14.95 or so, and if it fits it ships, regardless of weight. If I match the two of you up I’ll give you the addresses and off you go.


Buffy gets freshly made corn and flour tortillas from the tortilleria, cans of Mexican soda, Mexican candy, two bags of Takis, a couple of mangoes, maybe a few prickly pears (grown from my own cactus!), a can of chipotle peppers, and both red and green hot sauces.


I asked for a few cans of boiled peanuts, a bag of BBQ Fritos, an assortment of grits, a 6pk of Diet Grapico (diet grape soda), Chick-O-Stix candy, and firm green tomatoes.


Also if you have questions leave me an email message at thenortfiles@gmail.com


10 thoughts on “Want to be a Food Pen Pal?

  1. Man, I wish I could do this. I would totally try to link up with you because Mexican food is my life. Alas, I don’t currently live in the US (but I’ll be back in May, hopefully) and shipping here is REALLY costly. Sadface.

    PS – you may be my hero!

  2. I would love to join in this! I live in Seattle, WA. Salmon–I can ship a fresh salmon in overnight delivery. Let me know what we do to become involved.

  3. Jane, I have never been to the Pacific Northwest….how would you feel about us being food pen-pals? I can send a box full of southern Arizona/Mexican food and produce. I’ll send priority mail. Let me know if you do!

  4. I love this but wouldn’t do it because I’m such a procrastinator that the other party would never get their stuff. I live a few miles from Helen, Georgia so we have a lot of cool stuff here (Nora’s Mill Grits, for example) but for the first four years I lived here there was no Chickfila. A friend of mine used to have to make trips up from Atlanta periodically so he would bring me Chickfila and the Atlanta Journal Sunday paper. We now have Starbucks AND Chickfila – but of course, we’re so rural that even the “local” chickfila takes an hour to get there and back.

    • J and I are from a small railroad town about an hour and a half south of Atlanta, and our hometown area is so rural that the nearest Wal-Mart, movie theatre, Chik-Fil-A or anything is 45 minutes away. Whenever someone used to make a trip to Columbus I’d have them bring me back some Krystals!

  5. My first time commenting on your blog. I’m a loooonngg time lurker on mwop. Anyway, this is a super cool idea! But I can’t afford to do it. 😦 It reminds me of my friend who moved from here (MS Gulf Coast) to NC. I went up to see her and she asked me to bring Barq’s root beer, olive salad for muffulettas and Zatarains rice. I suppose there aren’t many places that get to share with the New Orleans cuisine. I feel lucky!!

  6. Georgia born and still here! I love chickosticks and squirrel nuts and mary janes! the candy (a penny!) of my childhood. The Cracker Barrel stores/restuarants sell these and I grab some any time I can. They also sell “birthday year” boxes of candy from that particular year. I think that is fun.
    My favorite place to visit is the PNW and I would love to live up near Mt Baker. Every time I plan to move something goes wrong. BAH! You need to ask for some fudge from the “mall” near the Space Needle. Its delicious! Seattle etc are fun places to visit with families. You guys (your family) would love it there!
    I can’t participate right now but anyone needs a Georgia treat (divinity? pralines?) let me know and I’ll see what I can do.
    Oh, boiled peanuts are my favorite snack and although the canned ones are good, Publix sells a refrigerated bag that is outstanding!

  7. I would love to join in but being in Canada not sure what anyone would want. I would kill for some almond M&M’s and Cheez-it crackers. 🙂 Thankfully we are heading down before going home so we will stock up for the winter.

  8. I wonder what I would have in Houston that anyone would be interested in? I do wish that one of you east coasters that have Publix would send me one of those.

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