What You Talk About When You Brush Your Teeth

The hubby and I had a random conversation last night while we were standing in the bathroom brushing our teeth:

John: “O my gawd, I can tell ow muth thmaller ur butt is!”

(We’re talking in toothpaste sounds.).

Me:  “Willy? How? It dothent feel thmaller.”

John:  “Ook in da mirra. Ur panties are looth and baggy.”

Me:  “Holy thit. I’ve alwayth had suth a big ath that my panties have never been looth. Can I go thopping for new underwear?”

John:   “Mmm-hmmm. Just don’t buy any more shoeths.”


9 thoughts on “What You Talk About When You Brush Your Teeth

  1. For me, Oprah has ruined watching people brush their teeth. She once said she couldn’t stand it. I remember shortly afterwards watching the movie “Frankie and Johnny” with Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer. There is a scene where Michelle is brushing her teeth for the longest time and thanks to Oprah, it just grossed me out. Thanks Oprah. Makes me want to gag now. Now that I’ve shared, hope I haven’t ruined it for anyone else!

    • True, maybe that’s why it looks so weird, like they are trying too hard. I’m gonna put your comment about listening to people eat out of my head. Don’t need another phobia! I have an uncle who makes humming noises when he eats.

    • Glad it made you laugh 🙂 The whole conversation was funny, with me brushing my teeth and turning around to look over my shoulder and see my butt in the mirror.

  2. FYI — Sami Rigelsky is getting her adopted child. Just announced w/ the number “8” as her profile pic on FB. Jennifer must be steaming mad. Share as you wish, Snort.

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