My Day

I’m not in a good mood today (tired and PMS) so I guess it is fitting that my mood has matched my day.


1. Yesterday I worked out hard at the YMCA. Today my legs feel like tree trunks, and I’m walking with a John Wayne-esque swagger.

2. 6-inch decided to wake up at 4:00 am instead of his usual 7:00 am.

3. Why is his waking early a big problem? Because I take medication at bedtime for sleep, and being half-awake at 4:00 am led to me bumping into walls, tripping over my own feet, initially making him a bottle of warm buttermilk instead of whole milk, and sitting down to pee while still wearing my panties. I take my medication at a certain time at night so that I’m up and moving when he wakes at his normal time. He NEVER wakes in the middle of the night.

4. I brewed coffee this morning, and with my eyelids at half mast I added to my coffee what I thought was 2 inches of Lactaid milk. It was in fact lemonade flavored Crystal Light.

5. I sliced two pounds of fresh okra and put it to boil. I forgot about it, and when it reached a vigorous boil it overflowed. There is nothing nastier than the smell of burned okra slime on a hot stove.

6. I went to pick up Footlong from school, and as I got out of the car to go claim him I realized I was wearing two different flip-flops; one was a platform flop, the other was flat. I was walking with a shoe-induced limp.

7. I had a salad for lunch, and instead of reaching for and sprinkling black pepper I covered my salad in garlic powder.

John will be home in 4 hours. Until then I am not touching either child, handling anything in the kitchen, driving a car, or anything else if I can help it.


6 thoughts on “My Day

  1. Whoa girl! In the words of Pink: I’m a hazard to myself; don’t let me get me. Hope your day gets better!

  2. Um…#6… How did you get out to the car without noticing your mismatched shoe induced limp?
    Note to 6 inch,”It is in your family’s best interest NOT to wake up before 7 AM!
    Today is Friday,hope all is much better.

  3. Last week I had a crappy day at work, including going to do the work groceries & discovering I had gone without any means for paying for the groceries!! I came home to discover my 18year old, who had been staying with a friend for a week, was riddled with nits & I spent 2 hours picking them out! Then I went to pick up my daughter from her after school singing lesson, only to get a text from her, after I had been waiting a half hour, that she had forgotten singing & had just got off the train at home, 40 minutes away!!!!
    I was very tempted to go to bed at that point!!!!!

  4. Just catching up on your blog… and I think I just soiled myself. I, also, take medication to help me sleep. Fortunately my children are all grown and able to take care of themselves during the night however… I frequently wake up to random remnants of snacks around the house and think, “corn? when did I have corn?” “and how did this jelly get on my pillow?” the grape kind. For a long time I felt guilty about taking a sleep aid and my super crunchy sister-in-law thinks pharmaceuticals are of the devil but you know what? I’m a crazy be-otch when I don’t sleep and without a little help from my friend, I don’t sleep.

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