Winter Coat

I originally posted this on the off-topic side of MWOP, but I realize that many people don’t read over there.


I have a winter coat that I am looking to get rid of. It is heavier than a jacket but no where thick as a parka. I would say that if your winter temps are 30-40 degrees F this coat would be perfect. It is sage green with a beige interior. It is size 1x, and I have NEVER worn it as we really don’t need jackets during Arizona winters (unless you live in Flagstaff where they get a shit ton of snow). I will launder the coat before shipping, and if you would kindly reimburse me postage ($12 or so) I would appreciate it.


The first person that wants it gets it.


5 thoughts on “Winter Coat

  1. I can’t be the first to answer this! I want it. It will fit as I am a sixe 1x. Love reading your blog. Came over here when you first started from MWOP. If it doesn’t fit, i will donate it to a womans shelter.

  2. Congrats, Maureen, you are the winner of a coat! Please send me your name and address to and I will mail it Friday. I plan on laundering it (Gain detergent and Downey) just to be nice, but If you have sensitive skin please let me know and I won’t wash it. I send packages Priority Mail, and I think a medium box is more than enough to fit; Just whenever you have a chance drop me a check for the postage or send me expired gift cards. I’m really not picky! Again, thank you for taking my coat; I hate to see stuff go to waste. Me owning a coat in Southern Arizona is like someone in Alaska owning a bikini.

    • Thank you so much!! No sensitive skin here. Do you want to email me your address so I can send the check? I live in TN. This summer has me thinking I didn’t go far enough South. This entire summer has been cold! Will email you my address.

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