The Big 9-0

Time for an update! Have finally reached a 90 lb. loss putting me at just over 200 lbs. John took these this morning. Size 16 jeans, size XL shirt, makeup and hair by Snort.







Every photo session has to have one “I’m a total badass” pose. In this case, I think its a total fail.






And there you have it! Oh, and I apologize for not taking any pictures of my feet. Maybe next time.


34 thoughts on “The Big 9-0

    • Thanks, girl. John said that since I was already wearing makeup he wanted to take a few more pictures; check my FB page. I’m modeling two more dresses but don’t feel like the hassle of putting them on here right now because 6-inch is screaming his little head off.

  1. You look AMAXING… 😉 No for real, you look great.. you look like you “feel” great and the happiness is all over your face. Congrats my friend.. I think what you are losing I am gaining. ;( xoxo

  2. You look F A B U L O U S, dear Snort! Congratulations ; )

    P.S. Jennifer’s sister, Hilary Farm, started an offical Facebook page for her Norwex business on SEPTEMBER 2 — the exact same day that Jennifer posted her “Norwex is so great” teaser on her FB page. Just thought you’d like to know. Of course, Jennifer didn’t share this tidbit. She just lied about how much she loves Norwex and knew the Sheeple would come crawling. She was trying to drum up business in a skeevy way for her sister who, interestingly, chimed right in to Jennifer’s FB page responding to potential customers. So there you have it. She now has a whopping 55 customers on her page. Why on earth these slimy weasles don’t just say, “Hey, my sister’s starting a FB page for her business and would like to start screwing you all up the ass as much as I’ve enjoyed doing so over the years. Go visit her!”

    Her page is under “Hilary Farm-Norwex Independent Sales Consultant”

      • Just another shitty MLM. Microfiber towels that are better than all the other microfiber towels because they have silver in them, which is antibacterial. While we use silver coated products for wound care because of this, it actually has, you know, continual contact with the surface it’s working on.

        You’re supposed to be able to clean with these magic towels with just water and nothing else. Therefore “all natural” Just like Xyngular.

  3. Snort,

    Seems Hilary Farm ALSO started a “Photographybyhilary” (all one word) Facebook page on Sept. 2 – same day as the Norwex page. Money must be tight with Ricardo flipping burgers at Dairy Queen and their brood growing. Probably ought to invest in some birth control instead. I hear Planned Parenthood gives it away like it’s candy!

    • There was an old photography site she had floating around the net at some point. Her editing skills sucked because in one wedding the bridesmaids dresses were purple then in the next picture they were all royal blue. It was comical.

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