Boring Is Good

  • I’m amazed that I still have some readers since I hardly ever write anymore. To those of you who are actually reading this…..Hello!

What has been happening in my life and at Casa Snort lately? Let’s see…..

  • I mopped the kitchen floor the other day (we have tile floors). About ten minutes later I went back in the kitchen and my feet found the only wet spot left on the floor. Both of my feet shot out from under me and I landed on my back. It knocked the wind out of me, but I was able to get up and walk. I knew nothing was broken because I could walk, had full range of motion, and didn’t have any numbness/tingling/burning, but the next morning I was in so much pain that I was having to walk hunched over. I went to urgent care and got some x-rays. The doctor offered me prescriptions for a muscle relaxant and for Percocet. I declined the Percocet knowing that the pain would ease up in a few days, but the muscle relaxant has helped tremendously.
  • Footlong is now enrolled in a clinical study sponsored by the University of Arizona Speech and Language department. They were looking for children ages 7-9 and are studying how much each child can comprehend in regards to vocabulary, reading, etc. They are also interested in bilingual children and wanted to know what languages J and I can speak. In his initial hour-long session with the investigators Footlong was given a test where he was given a sentence to read and then had to fill in the blank with an appropriate word that was missing from the sentence. They started him at a second-grade sentence, and lo and behold the child read sentences and gave vocabulary words all the way up to the 10th grade sentences. I am gobsmacked and so proud of my baby.
  • 6-inch is making slow progress in regards to his speech therapy. He can say two words, but his non-verbal communication has improved greatly. If he wants something he will come and fine me, grab my hand, pull me to where he wants to go, and put my hand on what he wants  (the doorknob means go outside, or he’ll open the pantry and put my hand on the box of cereal he wants). It is a joy to see him expressing himself more. He will also be getting evaluations from a sensory therapist as he has some sensory issues, especially in public places.
  • J and I have decided to drive home for the holidays. Airline tickets for the 4 of us came to about $2000. We can make the 4 day drive to and from for less than half of that…..and that includes spending one night both coming and going at Brother Snort’s house in Louisiana.
  • My body is absorbing everything differently since surgery. I was warned of this, and it is frustrating. I am now lactose intolerant and am punished severely when I consume dairy products. J bought an ice cream maker in June, and he has been kind enough to make me batches of fruit sorbets that are sweetened with Splenda instead of sugar so I won’t experience Dumping Syndrome from excessive sugar intake. My all-time favorite is kiwi sorbet. My depression and anxiety have been vacillating wildly over the last few months, and my psychiatrist has had to increase the doses of some of my medications. I was warned that this could slow my weight loss down as some psychotropic medications can cause weight gain. I have been at a loss of 90 pounds for several weeks now. Even with working out at the gym and eating as I should I am only losing a pound every week or two. It is frustrating, but I know I’ll eventually reach my goal. I’m feeling better mentally and am functioning better, and that is more important to me than dropping a several pounds a week.
  • J had a birthday recently, and 6-inch and I snuck up to where he works and delivered 5 cakes and 5 gallons of ice cream in addition to a candy bouquet for him. The kicker? We went to surprise him and found that he had gone out to lunch with his buddies. The receptionist helped me set everything up in the break room, and I felt like a total idiot sitting there with a fussy toddler and people giving me sideways glances. Somebody called J and told him I was there, and he appeared about ten minutes later. He was surprised and happy which made me happy.
  • I have turned our 3rd bedroom into my “chic cave.” Men have man caves, so I figured I could have a cave too. The bedroom holds extra furniture and our extra TV, and in the evenings after John gets home I get an hour or two respite in there watching TV, texting with friends, having a snack, and getting caught up on FB, MWOP, and the news on CNN. It is heavenly having some quiet time to myself after a long day of being a mom, cooking, cleaning, going to the gym, and running other errands.
  • I am having outpatient surgery on Wednesday morning (a minor procedure) and would appreciate any good thoughts, prayers, or juju that you could send my way.
  • I find myself commenting less and less on MWOP which probably makes some people very happy. Seriously though, I’ve just reached the point where I am so fucking sick of Jennifer McKinney and my making snarky comments isn’t doing anything. Me being nasty isn’t going to hasten Karma kicking her ass, so I just now mainly read and shake my head. I know for a fact she will have a visit from Karma sooner than later.
  • I have several pair of knee-high boots that I bought last winter after having surgery. My calves are now small enough that all of the boots zip completely and comfortably reach all the way to my knees. Sometimes it amazes me at how baggy my pajamas or older clothes are. I wore two different pair of jeans in the professional photo shoot I had done in March; both of them are no longer in my possession because they are too big. I put on my size 26 jeans that I wore the day of surgery, and they wouldn’t even stay up. I can pull them up to my boobs and let go of the waist and they promptly fall to my ankles. I’ve had to get smaller bras and panties. I am small enough now that I can shop at regular stores like NY & Company, GAP, etc. That right there makes me freaking happy.


  • reddress

I bought this dress prior to surgery, and it now fits!  And the picture below was taken by Footlong because he liked my shirt.





I need to get up and start dinner. What’s going with you??


12 thoughts on “Boring Is Good

  1. My friend, sending you lots of hugs and good thoughts for Wednesday. I miss you over on MWOP.. I also should take a step back, but her stupidity keeps me coming back for more!! Hope all is well with you… Still about the same on my end… BTW.. you look amazing and beautiful.. I on the other hand, have decided to gain and be lazy and not do anything about it. Need to get my behind in gear… Much love.. 🙂

  2. Virtual hug my friend.I miss your posts and I understand your feelings but just remember there are some who love you for being you.You make me laugh and your one of my favorite people.

    Good luck today and get some rest, , don’t wash the floor have some sorbet.

    Love Henny

  3. Hi Carmen!! I still stop by to see if anything is new. 🙂
    I rarely make it to MWOP anymore. However, I had a min this morning and skimmed over the recent trip pics. Honestly, I feel sad for her. I really really want to dislike her a vehemently as I used to but all I can muster is pity.

    Anywhoo, you look great and it sounds like you are doing well. 🙂

  4. I love, love, love the red dress! It looks fab on you lady! I’ve seen you around MWOP (I lurk but don’t participate) and your sharp comments always garner a grin! Hope your procedure went smoothly and you’re reading this post feeling A-OK. 🙂

  5. I know from your comment on MWOP that you had a rough Wednesday. I hope you are medically much better and on the mend. I hope you are feeling better every day.
    If you felt like c%^# on your birthday then I think you should call”do over” when you feel great and want to celebrate and be treated to a special day about you!!

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