Greetings And Salutations!

I have let this blog fall by the wayside, and I must admit that I haven’t missed it all that much. I did, however, get a sweet email this morning from someone asking for an update. As 6-inch is currently occupied with a cartoon I figured what the hell….let’s update The Snort Files.


Firstly, I miss so many of you! The owners of the new MckFacts site are doing a great job, but I have been blocked from commenting. I don’t know why, and it really doesn’t matter. I know that my blunt honesty and previous problems have made me a pariah of sorts. I read MckFacts once a week or so to see what is going on with everyone’s favorite train wreck, but I don’t read the comments. I absolutely LOVED the side-by-side photos of her before and “after” weight loss while she was in a bathing suit on the cruise. Pure gold! And the new lawsuits…hello?!? How much fucking money can this woman piss away? I read on the news today that Vibram (the makers of those ugly ass finger shoes she wears) is being sued for making false claims. I bet JM will elbow her way to the front of the line for a financial settlement because, hey, that woman can smell money like a pig can smell truffles.


How are Footlong and 6-inch? They are doing well and growing like weeds! Footlong finishes 2nd grade next week, and I’m a little sad. He is getting kind of tall and gangly and reminds me of a little colt who is all legs. 6-inch will be three this summer, and right now we are busy with occupational therapy (twice a week), developmental therapy (once a week), and feeding therapy (once a week). He is eligible for the state-sponsored early intervention preschool when he turns three, and the great this is that he will receive his therapies for FREE at school. That will save us a few hundred dollars a month in insurance co-pays. He can say “go,” “outside,” “catch,” and “Hi!” He mimics alot of our actions, like dancing or making funny faces. He loves to scribble, watch episodes of “Peppa Pig”, and play with toys.


Mr. Snort is doing well and is busy with work. Don’t know if I ever mentioned to y’all what kind of work he does, but he is an electrical engineer. He works at a company that designs electrical components and batteries for airplanes. He comes home and takes over with the kids, doing baths and homework with Footlong. After being with the kids and cleaning and cooking I appreciate the break. We have an extra bedroom here that I have turned into my “Chic Cave.” The room holds a few pieces of extra furniture and our extra TV, but it is my sanctuary. John built me a bookshelf so I could have a place to hold all of my cookbooks and culinary textbooks. It is heaven to sit in there and flip through my books and watch TV. I just appreciate the alone time. As for culinary school, I have been accepted at both schools I applied to, but I have had to delay my start until Mother and Father Snort move out here. Yep, my parents are biting the bullet and moving out here. My Dad is retired, and my Mom is looking for a job. As soon as they sell their house they are Arizona bound. They will help with childcare when I start school.


And as for me? I really don’t know where to start. I had mentioned in the past that my anxiety and depression had been vacillating wildly, and I was having panic attacks. My psychiatrist has taken me off of my Wellbutrin and changed my Zoloft to Paxil. That has helped tremendously. I’ve also been weaning off of my Ativan, and I’ve gone from 4 tablets a day to 1 tablet every evening because that is when my anxiety settles in. My life isn’t all peaches and cream; I still have my bad days, but they, thankfully, are fewer and farther between. I have lost about 110 lbs and am now a comfortable size 16 (or 18 depending on the fit). I’m friends with alot of MWOPers on FB, and I know they’ve seen photos of me, but I’ll post some below along with some photos of the kids.


I wrote something here but have deleted it. I’ve decided that for right now perhaps I should keep my mouth shut to forgo the shit storm that would likely be coming my way.


I really miss you guys. Drop me a line here and tell me how you are!



Me and 6-inch out shopping on Wednesday. There were heavy winds and dust storms, so please excuse my hair.




This is what I looked like before the wind got to me.




Size 16 jeans! (And yes….I am wearing heels.Β And yes….I am without makeup.)




How my toddler watches TV.




Me and Footlong last month.




6-inch after his big boy haircut.




Footlong showing off his haircut.




Yogurt! Nom-Nom-Nom!!!








We went to the Pima County Fair two weeks ago, and the Arizona sun made me it’s bitch.




Sharing a candy apple on the way home from the fair.


And that about does it!










28 thoughts on “Greetings And Salutations!

  1. Just have to say – yah for the update!

    Sorry you feel like you can’t speak up without a shit storm – here or elsewhere. I honestly don’t think anything you’ve ever commented on MWOP (or other iterations of the Mckscam-outing sites) is worse than what some others put out there. In fact, I always felt like there was a sense of humor in what you wrote when other commenters seemed overly serious. In any case, glad to hear all is well (better? progressing?) and that your folks will be moving closer. Take care of you and if you’re game, I’d love to fb friend you.

  2. Yay to see you back with an update! I have checked in periodically only to have sad face when I kept seeing the Jan. post as the most recent. Sounds like you are all doing well. Love it! And you look fabulous!!

  3. So glad you updated. Very interested. Always thought you were extremely honest on MWOP, have been checking your website every week or so. Please keep it up! Maybe not every week, but every so,often?

  4. So glad to see your update. You look great and the kids have grown like weeds!! Hope that you all have a great summer. πŸ™‚

  5. Yay! Thanks for checking in. You look great in your photos, and love those sweet boys. I was disappointed about you being blocked from MckFacts, but I appreciate the way you took the high road in talking about what happened.

    I hope you’ll continue to update, maybe even once a month, so we can follow how things are going with you, your family, your new career, etc.


  6. Aww it so good to get an update. Love how much the boys have grown. i always got a kick out of your comments. Found them very funny. Take care!!

  7. I’m blocked from MckFacts as well. It was as easy as getting blocked from Jennifer’s pages. I spoke up against an absurdly rude weekly recap post written by a commenter.

  8. So glad you finally updated! I think about you often but thought you might think I was a loony-toon if I asked about you, as I read MWOP always, but comment rarely. Miss you there!!

  9. OMG Snort!!! I thought you fell off the face of the planet!! I would periodically check here and was always so bummed to see only old updates. Thanks so much for letting us know that you and the sammiches are all doing darn well (and looking good, by the way). Really miss hearing from you. Don’t stay away so long next time!

  10. Hi Carmen… So glad to hear from you.. You look great and I hope things continue to go well for you. The kids look great! Exciting news to have mom and dad move out there!… I finally got a facebook (kids got me an Ipad for Christmas so they added me to facebook to play candy crush!)…. Sorry about the MckFacts stuff.. Nothing really ever changes.. Jennifer keeps scamming and it is just on repeat basically.. Hopefully we can connect on facebook.. I have some stuff to tell you about the kids… Take care my friend..

  11. Hey Missus … glad to see you’re back … I’ve been keeping checking and have missed you. You’re looking fab and I can’t believe how big the boys have gotten … especially the wee fella xx

  12. Been wondering what happened to you!! Glad to see you are still moving forward & that your little’s are doing so well. Hope you will update more often, I missed reading your posts 😦

  13. I’ve also been checking periodically to see if there was an update. First off, you look fantastic, the kids are super cute and I’m glad to hear that things are going better, at least better than they’ve been.

    As for the blocking, I missed the drama because I don’t read there everyday. I never knew what the big deal was about what you said, you always owned your own words and past mistakes (which people love to recall all the time). Really, nothing you ever said was any worse than what half the other people over there post. I have no interest really invested, it just gives me something to read and any time I comment, it’s always something benign.

    Hopefully you update again a little sooner. Take care!

  14. Glad to see you again Snort! Like the other commenters, I’ve checked our blog often and been bummed to see only old updates. I also agree with everyone else that your comments on MWOP were funny and on target. Don’t know why you’re banned at McKFacts but I guess it doesn’t really matter. Hope to see you updating more often. You have a wit and a gift for writing and are always entertaining. You look fabulous – down 110lb! CONGRATS!!
    Formerly McKEnoughIsEnoughIsEnough, #gotawaywitharson and currently OwnerOfXyunglar.

  15. I very rarely read at Mckfacts..maybe once a month or two. I did notice that I never saw you posting there and thought maybe you were one of the mods there and that was why. I use to read at MWOP all the time, never posted but a couple of times. I use to enjoy your comments. I was and still am …..Mckmama Approved. You look awesome by the way!!! Glad to see you updated. I check in every now and then to check for an update. Your boys are getting so big and they are very cute! Take care….Ellen

  16. you look awesome!!!!!! My daughter and husband had their surgery in early 2012 and both are doing well today. It’s harder for them to loose the weight now but both look great, feel great and life is going good for them. Hope you keep up the good work and I love your updates. Everyday life is not all peaches and cream but our life today is so much better now that they are feeling better, losing weight, feeling good about themselves.

  17. Hi Carmen – please update again! I love your honesty about your weight, mental health, and addiction. None of us is perfect and It is refreshing to read something without it being sugar coated. I found you at MWOP long ago, though I didn’t read that often and don’t know all the back story and fights that went on there, lol. I also like you because you are Cuban – that is where my family is from also πŸ™‚ please post an update! Salud y pesetas, chica

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