Summer…….[SNORT] Style

Hello everyone! I appreciate those of you that commented here or sent me an e-mail asking for an update. Right now I’m on my mom’s computer and can’t upload pictures, but if you check back later today I promise there will be photos. Really. I promise. Not like a MckMama promise. You’re welcome.


I just have to say again that the MckFacts mods are running a great site. I read a few times a week and can’t believe Jenny isn’t wearing a XXXL orange poncho to brave the shitstorm she is in. I have made mistakes in my life, but damn; that girl just doesn’t have a fucking clue.


Footlong and 6-inch are doing well. 6-inch just turned three and started preschool. He meets the criteria set forth by the Arizona Early Intervention Program for free preschool and necessary therapies (speech and OT). He goes to school 4 mornings a week, and his favorite thing by far is riding the school bus. We are also noticing an increase in his vocabulary and his trying to mimic our words. Here are some words that came out of his sweet little mouth this week:  Daddy, Mama, cookie, milk, go, yay!, night-night, purple, and green. We’re ecstatic. Footlong will be 9 next month and is enjoying the third grade. He has a ton of homework every night, and I certainly don’t remember having that much homework in elementary school. Right now he is obsessed with Canada. I pick up souvenir patches from wherever I travel, and he picked out a patch of the Canadian flag and had my mom sew it onto one of his shirts. For his birthday he says he wants me to exchange some American currency for some Canadian currency. I bought a nice picture book when I drove through the Yukon Territory, and he pours over and talks about how beautiful everything is. I wish I could afford to take him on vacation!!


My mom and dad have begun to take baby steps in moving out here. I’ve had some health problems for awhile so my mom moved out here and in with us. While she looks for work Dad will be fixing their house up and putting it on the market. I’ve openly talked here about my struggles with mental illness and past use of drugs. My depression and anxiety are under better control. I’m currently on Paxil, vitamins, Seroquel (at bedtime for sleep), Prazosin (a BP medication that works to prevent nightmares and night terrors in those with severe depression and PTSD), Phenergan (as needed for nausea), and Ativan (as needed for anxiety). I’m not going to hide or gloss over things, but my anxiety was so bad for the past year that I started drinking to feel calmer. Poor choice, I know, but least there was no drunken karaoke. I’ve been dry and sober since March and have added complementary therapies to help me heal all around. In addition to my psychiatrist I am now having talk therapy with a counselor, accupucture twice a week, and chiropractic adjustments twice a week. I am feeling like my old self. I’m sharing this because I know that some of you may be depressed, anxious, or self-medicating with alcohol and pills. You’re not alone. If you want to chat privately you can email me at

I’ll try and get some photos on here later. I hope everyone is well, and I miss my MWOP gals. xoxo





10 thoughts on “Summer…….[SNORT] Style

  1. That’s awesome progress for little 6 inch!

    I’m glad to hear you’re okay, and even more glad that when you aren’t you were able to recognize it and get help. Good for you! Anxiety can be a beast.

    I can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. Hello!Hello! Delighted to read your post and learn that so many positive things are going on.
    So nice that 6 inch can be in school for those mornings every week. I know moms always have so much on their plates so having your youngest in a great environment also gives you that needed break to get something else done even for yourself.

  3. Hey there so glad to see an update. I smiled when I read about your young Footlong is obsessed with things Canadian as I am Canadian. 6 inch is going to know so many words soon that he’ll become a “Chatty Cathy” hehe. My youngest daughter has started the process for the same surgery you had so I’ll be checking in for sure to see how you are doing on that basis so I can be positive for her. Missing your awesome humour over on the “site” but I know soon you’ll carry on. Hugs

  4. Snort – So glad to see another update from you. I have your blog bookmarked and check back from time to time. You’re doing great as a mother, wife and person. I appreciate your openness and honesty in talking about your struggles.

    Keep updating! Thanks – Psychological_Supplements, also Game_Of_Semantics

    PS. Don’t forget to go back and add the promised photos! 🙂

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