A Year In Review

For Julie. xoxo

Hello everyone! I realize that I never went back and posted pictures in September as I promised, and that was very MckMama of me. LOL. I haven’t blogged much in the past year, and as most of you know I cannot post at MckFacts; I have made so many friends near and far that I figured a synopsis of my year would be an appropriate way to tell all of you hello and what has been going on here in my neck of the desert. Hence, here are the updates in the Year of [SNORT]:

How am I? I’m fine, and thank you for asking. I’m not going to gloss over things and make you think that this whole year has been a shiny, unicorn glitter fart. It hasn’t. There have been some rough patches, particularly with my depression and anxiety. This year has ultimately been a journey of painful self-examination, guilt, remorse, healing, and self-improvement. I spent a week in an inpatient facility to get a grasp on things.Under the care of my psychiatrist and doctor I have been weaning off my anxiety medication and have had my depression medication adjusted. I’m not having any alcohol. In addition to my mental health team, I have been talking to a counselor about some unresolved issues from my past, and I have tried accupunture, meditation, natural herbal supplements, chiropractic adjustments, and even had a colonic. I don’t know why l didn’t try Xyng and the magic juice since it cures all. As a plus my weight loss has leveled off, and having a steady weight and amount of body fat is wonderful for me hormonally…at least the doctor said so. So where am I on my journey? To refresh your memory, when I started my pre-op diet in 2012 I was 293.5 pounds, wore a 3x shirt, and size 26 pants were getting a little snug. Today I am 195-ish (it fluctuates a little) and wear an XL shirt and size 16 pants (or 18 if they are cut small). My body seems happy here. I am doing better, and it feels good to say that.

How are Footlong and 6-inch? They are awesome. Did you know that I have TWO children? I shit you not. I have birthed TWO human beings. I am way more special than y’all. Did you know that my uterus is a magical place full of Jesus Balm where little clumps of cells can grow into a human? I am so much better than everyone. Seriously…the kids are great. Footlong is now 9 years old and is a happy 3rd grader. He is scary smart and wants to design video games when he grows up. He loves to play on the computer, and he also loves to watch Forensic Files on CNN. 6-inch is a happy, squishy 3-year-old, and last month we received an official diagnosis of autism. He is still receiving speech and occupational therapies, and he goes to a special preschool four mornings a week. His developmental pediatrician says that he is high functioning and wants us to add behavioral therapy to the mix. He has a vocabulary of 50 words or so and is constantly trying to mimic our words. He knows a couple of colors and loves to play with his “shoo-shoo-trey.” Can you figure that out? It is 6-inch speak for choo-choo-train.

How is the hubster? He is good and is working hard. We celebrated our 11th anniversary in October and snuck away for a weekend at a resort here in Tucson. He has been my rock this year.

Below are some photos. I hope that you all have a very happy and healthy upcoming year. And just because I can’t comment at MckFacts doesn’t mean I don’t read there. I do. Almost every single day. A fourth foreclosure on that ugly ass, crooked, cheaply built barn? I’m not really surprised. Were you?


John took this photo during our anniversary dinner in October.


Brotherly love at bedtime! 6-inch saw the flash and yelled, “CHEESE!”


A selfie. From the airport bar as I chugged vodka and heavy cream while plotting how to share the gift of health with people without selling it for profit. Yeah…ask me next year how thats going.


Sorry. I couldn’t resist.


Footlong’s school picture. So handsome!


My handsome husband as we lunched at Macaroni Grill.


Posing with my not-so-little boy before we went to his school musical. He played a snowflake. This was taken three or four weeks ago.


Duh. I got new shoes.


These are my favorite purchase this year.


Me and my soul sisters while we were out getting my new tattoo for my 36th birthday.


My sweet  6-inch.

Love you all! Drop me a line if you like!!