Happy New Year And All That Jazz

I am surprised yet not surprised that I haven’t blogged for so long. Too many things have been going on in the House of Snort. Let’s play catch-up:

  • Since late October Mr. Snort has been working 6 days a week, and I have been feeling the frustration at home. I clean the home in the mornings only to have it look like Hurricane 6-inch (a category 3 minimum) whipped through the house spilling beverages, throwing toys, and taking everything atop a table and swooping it to the floor.
  • My Footlong has lost both of this top teeth, and I think he looks like a little bat. It is sooooooooooooo cute!
  • We have found a delightful babysitter that loves both boys and is able to easily handle 6-inch and his communication/behavioral difficulties. She is wonderful. John and I have been on two dates!
  • I recently spent five days in the hospital (including Christmas) for a wicked stomach bug and was so severely dehydrated I was barely conscious. I kept the hubby and kids away from the hospital, and no one else got sick. I wanted to post some photos of my kids on Christmas, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I wasn’t there to see Christmas morning in person, and I’m having to rely second-hand on photos and videos. That breaks my heart.
  • I’m not sure exactly what I’ve been accused of at MWOP (like I care), but I don’t and have never Tweeted, Instagrammed, contacted Mck other than to play my Golden Ticket, do not own another blog, and do not comment under other names. There. Just wanted all of that said.
  • Todays forecast is for sunshine with a high of 71 and low of 37.
  • I was accepted to culinary school and was supposed to be started in two weeks. I have had to put it on hold indefinitely as the state now wants to test 6-inch for autism. He currently receives Speech Therapy, and we are now adding Occupational Therapy, Sensory Therapy, and Feeding Therapy into the mix. There is also talk of a brain MRI just to make 100% sure that his little noggin is ok. I feel overwhelmed. And hopeful. And sad, like there is something I did to my baby in utero. He is 2 1/2  and can speak 2 words, and his non-verbal communication skills have improved ten-fold. He can follow simple commands and loves to play silly games that I make up on the spot. Sweet, sweet, baby.
  • I saw my bariatric surgeon before the holidays, and he said that he was not surprised my weight loss had slowed to a crawl given the psychotrophic medications I was on. We are thinking of perhaps weaning off drugs to see if it helps weight loss. He says patients on a ton of antidepressants and anxiety stuff hold onto fat for dear life. I’m blessed to be healthier and much happier, but oh how wonderful it would be let go of some more (literal) baggage.
  • And that’s all for me. How are you doing?