Totally Random Tuesday

Me and 6-inch are sick with stomach bugs so this might not be the most entertaining blog post.

There is nothing grosser than a toddler that drinks a 10 oz bottle of milk then barfs 3 hours later. It looks like cottage cheese and smells vile.

I had surgery 7 weeks ago today and am down 32 lbs. I have gone from a size 26 to a 24, and a 24 is getting pretty damn loose.

My darling grandmother sends us $$$ every Christmas. All of us are getting new clothes. I spent my money at TJ Maxx and bought a Juicy Couture hoodie and track pants in size L; I can’t wait to fit into them!

I decided to put together a gift box of gourmet treats for Footlong’s wonderful 1st grade teacher.

I gave her the gift yesterday, and she almost cried when she opened it and saw the goodies (imported Italian pasta, gourmet pasta sauce, salad dressing, sour cherry and lemon jam, pumpkin souffle mix, a peanut butter and banana chocolate bar, a black fig and pistachio dark chocolate bar, cinnamon sugar donut mix, a pizza cookbook, artisan salame, tomato basil soup mix, french vanilla hot chocolate, honey truffle mustard, sugar coated pecans, an assortment of teas, and a set of insulated glass coffee mugs). I just dry heaved typing all of those food words.

On Christmas it is supposed to be 65 and sunny here in Tucson.

I haven’t bought new shoes in over a month.

I know, I know. I’m as shocked as you are.

6-inch had his initial therapy assessment yesterday and will have a complete evaluation (with hearing tests just to make sure his hearing is ok and not the cause of his speech delay) after Christmas. Thank you to all of my friends who urged early intervention based on their experiences with their own children.

Footlong and I went on a date the other night. I got him a hot chocolate from McDonalds, and we rode around looking at Christmas lights.

J had a wisdom tooth pulled the other day.

J is also losing weight with me; he started a week or two after my surgery and has lost 15 lbs.

He hugged me yesterday and told me it felt like he was hugging a different woman.

I can’t get the awful tragedy in Newtown, CT out of my head.

6-inch just spilled apple juice all over himself.

He also either just farted or had more diarrhea. Poor little baby.

I had a wicked nightmare that contained both my best friends (good) and a variety of snakes (bad).

I hate snakes.


7 thoughts on “Totally Random Tuesday

  1. Great job on the weight loss journey. Sounds like things are going great! Hugs to you and that sick baby. Can’t wait to see pics or a video of our little snort and her progress! High five girlie.. You rock!

  2. Yay for the continued weight loss!

    I think that is an awesome teacher’s gift!

    Feel better.

    You not buying shoes is like me not going to Harel Skaat shows. Something is WRONG.

  3. So glad to hear that your clothing size is shrinking! That is the best feeling. What a wonderful teacher gift. I have to tell you Snort, though I only know you from what I read here and on that other blog, I can tell you are a very generous person. You give straight from your heart. Wishing you, J and the littles a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Glad about the weight loss progress, sorry about the stomach issues, I had that crap a few weeks ago, & thought I was dying. Eww…

    Okay, so I have to ask, does your new outfit have “Juicy” written across the ass? LOL

  5. Brilliant news on the continuing weightloss … you’re doing fabulous and I can’t wait to see new pics.
    LOVE the pressie you put together the wee fella’s teacher … that’s MY idea of a gift.
    So sorry you’re feeling bad … hopefully you both get better in time for Santa coming :o)

  6. Congrats on the weight loss! Bummer on the stomach bug 😦 (Do you think the decrease/loss of stomach acid allows for more GI bugs? I was wondering about that…) I am close to joining you in this journey. January 17 is my scheduled day. Exciting times!

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